Super Simple Gif

Sale! $50.00

Ten second max

Includes a 3D rendering of your book, plain background and one simple overlay element (such as snow, fire, hearts etc.)

Text: Either Out Now, Available Now or release date

Book Launch Package

$150.00 USD

Includes a super simple gif

Animated Instagram story of gif

3d book mockup 

GifGrrl Mini Trailer

300.00 USD

A Gifgrrl classic trailer using elements from the cover, music and fun transitions that makes the perfect cover reveal or promo trailer for your book!

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Why GifGrrl?

It's a challenge to make any book stand out in today's over saturated market. Visuals combined with social media can be a great tool to make sure you don't get lost in the crowd. Gifgrrl has made hundreds of promotional gifs and trailers for authors and publishers to use for everything from cover & title reveals to promotional trailers. You can use our gifs to promote your titles on your own timeline, help drive engagement and capture your audiences attention as well as for social media ads. Each gif comes in video format as well for easy integration on all platforms.